Michael Nielebock Pure Visions

Release Info

Michael Nielebock
Pure Visions
12" & Download
June 25, 2012

Range Rover, the British luxury sport vehicle celebrated it’s new Evoque model by creating a special contest for music producers to submit music with the chance of being featured in one of their TV advertisements, plus a release on Cologne’s Treibstoff Recordings. Treibstoff founder Marcel Janovsky and friend and DJ partner Gabriel Ananda were invited by Range Rover to be guest jurors for the event. Michael Nielebock of Berlin was the chosen winner with his track titled “Pure Vision”. It will be honored as the first release on Treibstoff’s limited series, a platform for special and extraordinary releases. The A-side contains the original track written by Michael Nielebock with minor additions from Janovsky and Ananda, and the B-side includes a full remix by Ananda. The result was not only well suited for the commercial, but also a firm start to the Treibstoff limited series!

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